2021 Coding Changes For Pediatrics

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What will be covered?

Are you ready?? To ensure Billing Compliance, join us for an overview of the E&M Overhaul along with the Pediatric Coding Changes that are set to take effect on January 1, 2021.

Attend this program by Healthcare Compliance and Revenue Cycle Management expert, Chinwe Okoronkwo Gaines, to review the new 2021 E&M guidelines along with other important coding updates. The speaker will provide a step by step approach during the session so that pediatric practices will be prepared to incorporate these coding updates into their revenue cycle workflow.



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Chinwe O. Gaines

Chinwe Okoronkwo has 15+ years of extensive experience working with hospital systems that help to accelerate cash flow, improve clinical outcomes, operational work efficiencies, and increase revenues by decreasing costs involved in operational activities.

She is a Revenue Cycle Management professional with progressive experience in performing detailed, quantitative analysis of work and resolving challenges associated with Advance Beneficiary Notice (ABN).
With her honest approach to assessing people, processes, and technology across every aspect of the project life cycle, she can help you gain industrial knowledge by demystifying ABN’s disbelief by bringing you the facts associated with the industry a better understanding.