How to get a reimbursable claim on Correct Burns Diagnosis

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Burn Surgeons often perform multiple, different surgical procedures during the course of treatment for patients with burns and non-burn conditions (e.g., necrotizing fasciitis). Denials occurred due to either an incorrect order submission of burn diagnosis or not following the diagnosis coding guidelines. The fact that it is so broad in scope, yet so focused in its goals means that burn coding presents a series of unique challenges.

Burn coders need to be familiar with essentially all of these clinical subspecialties and have a thorough understanding of the involved wide range of conditions and related treatments, as well as the complications and comorbidities that frequently arise.

Learning burn diagnosis coding will reduce denials and automatically speed up payment. Reduce compliance audit exposure due to inadvertent coding errors or persistent errors by noncompliant physicians.



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Ignatia Julie Agus

Ignatia Julie Agus has been working as a Senior Revenue Integrity Analyst for the last 6 years for NYU FGP Langone Hospitals, NY.

Having 15+ years of extensive experience in coding and billing, she has been focusing on surgical coding such as Cardiovascular, General surgery, Orthopaedics, Gastroenterology, Urology, Non-invasive Cardiology testing, Neurology testing.

She has been playing a monumental role in providing education to NYU FGP Langone providers.