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01. The extent of history and physical examination is an important element in selection of office or other outpatient services in 2021. True or False
02. In 2021 physicians who use time-based parameter for EM documentation required to document all of the following except.
03. Which of the following to be utilized to indicate complexity of care in year 2021 during an evaluation and management service?
04. Which of the following outpatient EM code is subject to an outlier per EM changes proposed for year 2021?
05. Which one from following choices is one of the detrimental factors in 2021 EM code selection criteria.
06. EM changes of 2021 will affect which one of the following categories of CPT codes.
07. Which one of the following terms is removed from MDM due to its ambiguity?
08. If a patient comes in an Emergency Room with abdominal pain, documentation of patient’s nausea is sufficient to use as an ‘associated sign and symptom’ for HPI and also in ‘gastrointestinal’ section of ROS. True or False.
09. Per proposed 2021 EM changes non-face-to-face time will include following except.
10.The primary objective of 2021 EM changes are following except:

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